System of National Accounts (SNA)

National accounts data are the key statistics for assessing an economy's performance. They provide the quantitative core for any serious social and economic policy, scientific analysis or projection. The underlying statistical system is based on the System of National Accounts (SNA) in the most cases.


"The System of National Accounts (SNA) is the internationally agreed standard set of recommendations on how to compile measures of economic activity. The SNA describes a coherent, consistent and integrated set of macroeconomic accounts in the context of a set of internationally agreed concepts, definitions, classifications and accounting rules." UN, New York


System of National Accounts 2008 - 2008 SNA

The System of National Accounts 1993 - 1993 SNA

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National Accounts Statistics (special application services)

DSI’s National Accounts Statistics App presents the core collection of national accounts data times series for more than 180 countries of the world. It has been compiled on the basis of some of the most important national accounts series as provided by international sources, e.g. World Bank, UN, IMF, OECD.

National Accounts Statistics App National Accounts Statistics

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