Housing Market Statistics and Building Permits

The financial markets were at the heart of the crash in 2008 after they had helped inflate global current account imbalances and housing bubbles in the US, Spain or Ireland for nearly a decade. An indication of the importance of housing market statistics not only for local investors but also for the economies worldwide.

More about the crash, e.g. The Economist, "Crash course":


"The Housing Market refers to the supply and demand for houses, usually in a particular country or region. A key element of the housing market is the average house prices and trend in house prices.", EconomicsHelp

It can be supplemented by the statistics of building permits (official authorisations that must be granted before the construction of a new or existing building can legally occur).


e.g. Eurostat

  • Housing prices: "Main aggregates - quarterly data"
  • Building permits: "Building permits - monthly, quarterly, annual", index and percentage change


Housing Market Statistics (special application services)

Monitor most recent data figures provided by Eurostat on a monthly and quarterly basis:

  • house price index
  • building permits (square metre of useful floor area)

Housing Market Statistics

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