Find the best time series

Is there no better time series? If you have ever asked yourself this question, you've come to the right place! We are proud to announce that we built a tool which can easily find more up-to-date or longer time series. If there is any better data in the database, we will find it!

The problem

Let's say we are interested in the population of Germany and find a time series that ends in 2014. The legitimate question is there a better source available. One with data for the next year. Or the other way round: our data set does not start until 1990, but for our analysis we absolutely need the data from 1985. Here our tool becomes handy.

The solution - how it works

With the help of Big Data we can solve such problems. We have developed a tool that searches the entire AllThatStats database within a few seconds and finds suitable time series. Simply enter your time series into our tool and we will calculate a comparison measure, the correlation coefficient, for each time series in our database, rank them and display the best results.