Exports/Imports of goods and services

AllThatStats now provides some of the most important import/export databases:


Exports of goods and services, defined by the System of National Accounts (SNA)

"Exports of goods and services consist of sales, barter, or gifts or grants, of goods and services from residents to non-residents. The treatment of exports and imports in the SNA is generally identical with that in the balance of payments accounts as described in the Balance of Payments Manual." OECD, Paris

Exports of goods and services - merchandised trade, defined by the United Nations (UN)

"Exports of goods and services – merchandise trade comprise goods leaving the statistical territory of a country.

In the general trade system, the definition of the statistical territory of a country coincides with its economic territory.

In the special trade system, the definition of the statistical territory comprises only a particular part of the economic territory, mainly that part which coincides with the free circulation area for goods. The free circulation area is a part of the economic territory of a country within which goods may be disposed of without Customs restrictions." OECD, Paris

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